Monday, May 4, 2009

Power Searching with Google, I

Ever wanted to harness the power of Google search to return relevant information instead of hits and misses? Most people merely type in the search terms in the Google Search Engine Box without realizing that underneath the simple interface is an extremely powerful and precise search engine that is waiting to be used. Google helpfully provides instructions and tips on how to maximize your search. Unfortunately, they are not readily apparently unless you're willing to do some sleuthing. You should bookmark the following two pages that coach you how to google like a pro:
  • Advanced Google Search: This page gives you instructions on how to: (1) carry out phrase searches, (2) searching within a specific website, (3) exclude specific term(s) and (4) using the "OR" operator. I find that the "search within a specific website" is especially useful since you can use it to limit searches (e.g., web pages, images, etc.) from a specific website, thereby increasing the relevancy of your search.

  • Google Search Extra: Did you know that the Google Search Engine allows you to search all kinds of data that you can ever think of? For example, you can search for weather, stock quotes, time, sports scores, maps or patents. You can even use the Google Search Box: (1) as a calculator, (2) to track your packages, (3) to do unit conversions, (4) as a dictionary, etc.

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