Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Multiculturalism and integration: struggling with confusions

“Multiculturalism and Integration: struggling with confusions” by Tariq Modood

This spring 2011 has been quite hot politically. The Arab spring has raised new hope about the social and political reform in the Arab countries. It has prompted European societies to rethink their often quoted stereotype that Islam is not compatible with democracy or liberalism. At the same time Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor Angela Merkel have announced that multiculturalism has failed. Of course Germany has never practiced any sort of multiculturalism for it to fail (or succeed)! And multiculturalism in Britain seems to be alive and strong even if it has gone through a period of critical rethinking. In this online debate organised by the ACCEPT PLURALISM project, we want to explore some of the limits of the currently used concepts and policy approaches, concentrating in particular on the notion of multiculturalism on one hand, and that of integration, as they are both used with so many different meanings and connotations that they some time risk confusing things. Professor Tariq Modood's paper starts the debate.
Link: “Multiculturalism and Integration: struggling with confusions” by Tariq Modood

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