Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy

Polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy

We understand intercultural philosophy as the endeavor to give expression to the many voices of philosophy in their respective cultural contexts and thereby to generate a shared, fruitful discussion granting equal rights to all. In intercultural philosophy we see above all a new orientation and new practice of philosophy – of a philosophy that requires an attitude of mutual respect, listening, and learning.

It entails a new orientation because, in acknowledgment of the cultural situatedness of philosophy, claims must prove themselves interculturally, and culture and cultures must be consciously kept in view as the context of philosophising. It entails a new practice because this consciousness demands a departure from an individual, mono-cultural production of philosophy and seeks instead a dialogical, process-oriented, fundamentally open polyphony of cultures and disciplines.

polylog seeks to realize such practices in an intercultural dialogue among philosophers as well as other interested scholars and members of society – in a philosophical polylogue. The project pursues this aim by providing a virtual platform for the world-wide discussion of topics in intercultural philosophy. Intercultural philosophy is not thereby intended as a new theory, discipline, or school to be established. Rather, the diversity of intentions and approaches should be met with the greatest possible openness as well as academic seriousness – as much as possible in the appropriate form and manner.
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