Sunday, September 14, 2014

Five thousand years of Chinese art now on the Google Cultural Institute


The phrase “Chinese art” may conjure up images of everything from ornate porcelain vases to provocative contemporary art. But many who live outside the Middle Kingdom may find it daunting to explore China’s five thousand years of rich history and culture.

Today, we hope to have made it a little easier by unveiling 1,400 new items and 48 online exhibitions from nine Chinese partners on the Google Cultural Institute. This is one of the largest collections we've made available online in Asia, and the second major addition since Chinese museums first came on board in 2012. We’re happy to help Chinese arts and culture institutions find a global audience, just as Chinese museum directors have welcomed digital media to find new audiences for traditional works of art.

The new collections contain works from the dawn of civilization up to the experimental art of modern China. Starting from the ancient: Sanxingdui Museum in China’s Sichuan province holds a vast collection of precious Bronze Age artifacts excavated from Shang period’s ancient burial pits, dating all the way back to the 12th-11th centuries BC. Today you can see nearly 100 of these pieces on the Cultural Institute, as well as the museum’s archaeologically significant interiors in 360-degree panoramas.

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